About us

About Multi Day Trips team
Multi Day Trips is a tour company based in Fes and Marrakech with a several languages team who will assist you during your visit to Morocco. Multi Day Trips team raised in the Desert of Morocco. Barack, Youssef, and Mohamed are always in your service to explore Morocco.
with our long experience in offering trips. Our Berber team with its long experience offers you a chance to visit Morocco and explore its Magic colorful sides. We invite you to consult our basic packages of trips throughout Morocco, so we can organize tailor-made tours and adjust to your tastes and needs.
Since¬†10 years of experience in guiding tourists and being assistance in the area, we know what will make our customers happy and satisfied during their visit to Morocco …
We are dedicated especially in offering a personalised service, ensuring care for everything from the smallest detail and retaining the highest quality in everything we offer. Our aim is to innovate continuously to improve our customers expectations.
Why Multi Day Trips
– Trustworthy and Honest .
– Hospitality and Insurance
– Experienced and Professional .
– Professional Driver with knowledge and several languages.
– Experts in the area and comfortable transport.
– 100% Friendly service.